Mission Statement: At Martelli's Inc./Trucking, our mission is to provide top-tier direct transportation services for metal goods, machinery, and equipment, including heavy and large cargo. We pride ourselves on fostering a team of efficient, reliable, and customer-friendly drivers to ensure a seamless and professional experience for our clients.

Martelli's Incorporated is a comprehensive trucking company offering a diverse selection of specialized trailers, including Flat Beds, Landolls, Detachables, Single Drops, Extendables, Curtain Side, and Vans. Our expert services cater to equipment and machinery moving, oversized length and width loads, and more with our specialized tractors and straight trucks.

Our trucking and transportation division is fully licensed (PUC & DOT) to operate in 48 states, ensuring we can meet your needs across the nation. Martelli's Incorporated specializes in dedicated full trailer loads and straight truck loads, providing direct and efficient transportation from pickup points to delivery destinations.

Transportation of:

 Metals & Steel                Tanks & Vessels

Machinery                       Electrical Relay

Containers                      Power Systems

Transportation for:

Green Energy                  Farming

Electrical                        Construction

Oil & Gas                        Manufacturing

Choose Martelli's Incorporated for reliable, professional, and efficient transportation solutions tailored to meet the needs of diverse industries and projects.